For the last 15 years, Sefas Innovation has been at the forefront of industrial document optimization. As a software vendor, Sefas has created innovative and leading technologies to assist organisations from the conception through to production of personalized and industrial communication support.

  • Design a wide variety of new templates for transactional applications
  • Collaborate on design with multiple users contributing directly to the design process
  • Consolidate templates and re-use object elements for faster changes and reduced maintenance burden
  • Build interactive document composition into business processes
  • Automate brand control and compliance monitoring for ad-hoc correspondence
  • Reduce call center costs by centralizing correspondence production
  • Fix Applications with stream conversion, indexes & barcoding
  • Optimize pre-production sorting, job merging & householding; standardize output streams
  • Add transpromo messages, e-presentment & colorization to legacy applications
  • Optimize Workflow with end-to-end systems integration
  • Track and Monitor Production with dashboard visibility of equipment, jobs & documents
  • Ensure Document Integrity with pre-print QA, automated reprints & distribution tracking


Learn how Open Print allowed CGX Publishing Solutions to cut costs while improving production efficiency :